Top Reasons People Move

    Really? We’re moving again?

    Did you know that nearly 60% of the U.S. population moves each year? According to, many of these moves are local, but not all. Here are the biggest reasons why we love to pack up, hit the road, and search for greener pastures.

    FAMILY – Whether you’re moving closer to, or further away from, family can be a huge motivation to move. As the baby-boomers ease into retirement, they are moving closer to their kids for support and to be near their grandchildren. But it also works the other way. We’re seeing a larger shift in younger generations moving back home to be closer to their parents. According to Time Magazine, “an increasing number of millennials are having children out of wedlock and therefore move back home for the support of their parents. Whatever the reason, Family is a major driving force behind the decision to move.

    JOB/CAREER – It comes as no surprise that career-based moves top the list. Young professionals who aim to live in an area with high scores of walkability, many times leave home and opt for city life. And as get older, moving where the best jobs and pay are offered is a logical motivation for self and family. As cities grow and begin to offer better jobs, those same cities attract the outside population..which in turn can lead to amazing growth and development. Similar to what we’re experiencing in Boise, Idaho.

    LOW COST OF LIVING – With the cost of living rising in so many cities across the U.S., and many still behind in salary and benefits, its natural that some would consider towns with a lower cost of living. According to, “cost of living” is defined as “the amount of money needed to sustain a certain level of living including basic expenses such as housing, food, taxes and health care.” Interestingly, Boise ranks #25 most affordable places to live, by U.S. News, 2018. Let’s hope we are able to sustain this as we continue to grow, and real estate and other costs increase. To read about how the mid-term elections may affect our growth and development in Boise, a breakdown by, click here.

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